Secret Women's Business.

Secret Women’s Business has celebrated 13 years of creating a safe place for women to be empowered and championed. SWB Conference was prompted by a longing, that together we could create a safe space for women to be seen and heard. To locate their unspoken, good or bad, and give it breath. Could there be such a gathering; such a setting? When a woman finds her voice, the Earth experiences a shift. She speaks a language which brings things from the unseen into the seen. Her capacity is to usher in; to make known that which was once a mystery. It is the Spirit’s mark on her life.

The Earth herself is whispering. Could there be any more pointed a time than this? Could the Earth be any more desiring for untruths to be disarmed, and Heaven’s mysteries to be made known? Raised faces and bold declarations. Fierce action, mobilisation and healing. Collectively, the sound has flung open prisons, and nourished hearts and bodies alike. As time ticks by, we look with humble gratitude back upon the path He’s led us. We look ahead for the ones to come. We step into our whisper. We take up our melody. We grow confidently in our voice and we speak. Who could yet be waiting to hear the sound?

We join arms, with a common Hope to bring about a revolution of LOVE and to ‘love each other as if your life depended on it’ 1 Peter 4:8

Love Leigh xo

About Leigh

Leigh Ramsey has a passion to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves – whether it be the young, the old, the disadvantaged or the poor. 

In 2006, Leigh was challenged to reach out to children in the nation of Cambodia who have been sexually exploited & trafficked. Since that time Leigh has founded the IT’S NOT OK Projects that support the SHE Rescue Home to see these girls lives restored & rebuilt. While the need is enormous, Leigh is driven by the heart call, “To succumb to the enormity of the problem is to fail the one.” — Sharon Cohen. I.J.M.

Leigh is determined to NOT fail the one. Leigh and her husband Mark are the Global Senior Pastors of Citipointe Church which has ten locations that span across the globe as well as parents to four Adult Children and Grandparents to six. 

We are passionate about women doing life in relationship together and living lives with purpose and passion. Internally and externally healthy and on purpose. God has positioned us together to be a community of women who love, respect, encourage and uphold one another to be our best selves in order to influence the world that we live in.

We are called to make an influence in our local and international community and as we work together, we will make an impact on the lost and lonely places. We journey together to know who we are and to continue to gather a community of women who will not only fight for their own internal and relational freedom but who are not afraid to fight for the freedom of those around them.